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If you are a new fan, old fan or casual fan of Bette Davis, chances are that you might have a hard time finding her classic movies in one place. While she was at one major studio for almost 20 years, Warner Brothers doesn't seem to offer her movies in an easily accessible way. It's certainly possible that they do not own the rights to all of those films anymore.

Here's an overview of how and where to watch her movies, assuming you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars buying DVDs, rent via streaming for movies you may want to own (some are worth it!), and a few places you can watch her for free or a paid service you are already subscribed to. 

Free to Watch or Free With Subscription

First stop is WarnerArchive.com, although a little slim, you can do a trial for 7 days and watch a few of her earlier titles like Jimmy the Gent, 1934 (with James Cagney) and Thank Your Luck Stars, 1943. If you are voraciously watching anything you can get her hands on with her face in it, there is a wonderful WWII documentary about one of her proud achievements in philanthropy called the Hollywood Canteen. She organized and ran an entertainment + canteen focused establishment where stars would perform during meal times, big bands played and people like Hedy Lamar and Marlene Deitrict would wait your table. Better won an Distinguished Civilian Service Medal for this later in her life which she was duly recognized.

A few later titles available on the Warner Archive are The Star,1952 and Dead Ringer1964,. 

Next is Amazon. While they have just about anything you can get your hands on for a price, the two titles that are currently free with Amazon Prime are Of Human Bondage1934, her first Academy Award nomination and one her early and smaller roles Hell's House 1932

If you have a cable subscription, Turner Classic Movies have been playing her titles since inception. On her profile page for the website, there is a schedule of what titles are playing when (just about every other day). They vary but today's schedule shows A Stolen Live (1946), The Scapegoat (1959), The Sisters (1938) and All This and Heaven Too (1940).
Netflix = sadly zero, so don't bother searching if you are reading this in 2017.

Youtube. Now these are clearly copyright infringement but here are the links in case they survive: 

Other Performances + Appearances

If you have a Hulu subscription, there are no movie titles, but there is a gem of an interview with her on the Dick Cavett show from the 70's. She's complete in back go-go style boots, smoking and dominating the conversation as only Bette Davis does. It's a long interview, but there are so many great stories she tells. Certainly worth a viewing!

Paid Movies

If you find yourself wanting to watch a specific movie that you'd be willing to buy or rent, here's a list of the most popular Bette Davis movies:

All About Eve (1950)

Jezebel (1938)

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)

Dark Victory (1939)

Now Voyager (1942)

The Private Lives of Elizabeth of Essex (1939)

A Stolen Live (1946)

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tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/760824 2016-04-07T04:32:00Z 2016-10-11T19:28:57Z Top 5 Rogue Ideas for New Parents

Assuming this is your first baby and it's not born yet, this list will likely be a bit different, just like you. I am an unconventional motherly-type and bucked the norm even when when my family complained. Guess what? We all survived and the kids are doing just fine. Plus we saved a bunch of money, time and consumer waste while we were at it. Even if your friends aren't doing it and they never will, here's to individuality and doing things your own way. This is only a handful of things I did that were in the Rouge Mommy category and I have no regrets:

1. A Shower *After* the Baby is Born

You're pregnant, cranky, and emotional. And every onesie looks so adorable you want them all. It's like going to the grocery store when you're hungry. If you're lucky to have a friend or relative insist on having a baby shower for you, and the only time they can do it is beforehand, so be it. But if you can wait a few months (and be prepared with the staple gear like an infant car seat and some onesies), I recommend postponing it until afterwards. All those stupid baby shower games are null and void. Everyone gets to hold the baby, and you get to amend the gift registry to things you *actually* need and not just the things adults think are adorable. At my shower, I really loved showing off Baby around 2 months because they are little more filled out (cuter!) and I got a small break for a few hours while the guests took turns holding her. After a few months of feeling like a prisoner, you will finally get to have an adult conversation and maybe even have time to eat. Everyone's happy!

Since everyone has too much stuff nowadays, there is a likelihood that at least one friend or family member will want to dump their old baby gear on you. This can be a good and bad thing, but it's best to smile, nod and accept. Once you get to go through it all, you might find some pretty useful stuff. A 2nd backup breast pump (you can buy new plastic parts), boppies, "sidecar" co-sleeper (best hand me down I got!) and a nice crib. I checked those off my list and only put the leftover items on my registry. 

2. Cloth Diapers

Money saving, environmental and little to no stinky trash, I'm happy with my choice of going cloth. There are many ways to go about this but the most popular version of "cloth" are pocket diapers where you insert your choice of fabric (microfiber, cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc) and it soaks up the pee. I know, you're wondering about the icky part: They have these awesome biodegradable liners that catch #2 so you just chuck it in the toilet and most of the time you don't have to deal with handwashing anything. If there is, it's just a quick prewash, then into the washer and then dryer. There's lots of sites that calculate the costs and yes, there is no refuting that you are saving money unless you get your disposables for free. One thing is for sure: I hate taking out the trash and this saves me the hassle of going outside and all the stink gets flushed in the toilet.

If you're new to cloth diapering with no one to guide you, you may want to buy disposables at first, get some starter kits and see what happens. Again, the internet has lots of resources so I would personally jump on eBay and Amazon to see all the options.  They are more expensive so be warned. Quality pocket diaper cover starts at minimum of $10 and go up. You can buy on eBay from the Chinese sellers (I did this, worked out fine) to get cheaper ones but it takes a few weeks to reach you so plan ahead. Make sure you have some traditional old school cloth diapers as backup to use as inserts if you haven't bought any. 

Some product recos to consider: Unisex colors cloth diaper starter kit, Flushable Diaper Liners (to catch #2)

3. Forget the High Chair, Get a Booster

For my first little one (Mini fLee) who is not so little anymore, I was living in a condo and had to save space so I bought a Fisher Price booster seat with a tray that straps to just about any chair. It worked out perfectly. I kept it and baby #2 came around and I still have a small kitchen so we're using it for General Ya Ya as well. Now they have a toy adapter that you can pop into the tray so I bought that and he loved it. Once he outgrows the toy attachment, you can still use it at home, at Grandma's, in restaurants, holiday family dinners, etc. It's lightweight, sturdy and very compact.

4. Buy Used: Toys and Clothes Lots from Ebay and Larger Items from Craigslist

If you didn't get the mother load of toys to fill baby's first year, why not look on ebay for sets or "lot" of toys in a group for a particular age? If a mom has a 1 year old that's walking and some of the basic 6-9 month old toys aren't cutting it for them, she might put a lot for very cheap, and you don't even have to leave your house! Babies grow out of things so quickly that so many of these are barely used. If there are popular "must have" expensive items they can usually be nabbed for 1/3 or 1/2 the price.

For the larger items, higher end strollers, car seats (check for recalls), activity centers, play yards...anything that is expensive to ship is better found locally. Parents who are not planning on having any more kids could be selling them for a song. Again, some barely used. I personally look for a whole bunch of stuff from one person then offer a packaged price. Cash is the currency so be prepared to go to the ATM. 

5. Organic Baby Formula from Europe

If you are nursing, great. I did, but I also worked and then supplemented because my baby was on the big and hungry scale and I could not supply enough for his rapidly growing body. If you live in Europe or the UK, you are lucky and can find brands like Hipp and Holle at stores.

For those of us parents in the United States, there is only one US company that makes organic baby forumula that *isn't* a big pharmaceutical company. Sorry, Earth's Best is big pharma. You can get Baby's Only on Amazon if that's what you choose to do. I tried it, and General Ya Ya was fine with it but he was tooting and smelly and it didn't seem right. We switched to Hipp from Germany (about $20/box) and things felt more normal. This is especially important if you have a colicky baby because there are options outside of the US. Similac is evil big pharma and so disgusting and sticky compared to the smooth, silky, fine European formulas. The ingredients are gross too. Lots of research on that if you google. Not everyone can afford these options but being informed is half the battle. What you save on resale baby items, you can hopefully put in to your better quality formula budget.

Here's to parents and babies who don't have to break the bank or clutter the earth with trash in order to make growing up happy and healthy!

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5 Things Your Girlfriends Forgot to Mention: Things to bring to the hospital when having a baby

1. Knee High Socks

While the no-slip hospital socks are fine and good, they don't keep you very warm when your legs are up in the air and certainly don't cover the leg hair you couldn't shave because you can't bend over to see it.  If it's your first time having a baby, your hospital may require you to wear inexpensive socks with no-slip bottoms so you don't end up on the floor on your trips to the bathroom.  I bring striped or decorative knee-high socks not only to entertain the nurses, but to keep my legs warm.  This is especially nice if you are giving birth the natural way (vaginally-highly encouraged!).  Also, it helps hide the foot-long leg hair you couldn't shave, because at some point now or in the future you will barely be able to see your toes, let alone your legs to stand steady enough to shave them.

2. Notebook or Pad of Paper

The hospital will likely have a pen you can borrow but having a notebook or pad of paper with you while you wait between contractions (yes, sometimes there's plenty of time for tic-tac-toe or hangman) will keep you busy with your husband, older kids, your mom or other guardian angels that happen to be in the room with you during labor, or after.  If you use a small notebook like a Moleskin, you can easily mark the date and stow it away as a keepsake for who was there at the birth and make a time-capsule with your hospital bands and newborn hospital cap. It's also great to write down your baby's first eat, sleep and poops because the docs and nurses will ask "how often" to make sure everything is normal.

3. Eye Mask/Sleeping Mask

Wether you're trying to catch a catnap during contractions, or your baby has arrived and you are resting in-between feedings, a sleep mask to block out the light should help you catch some z's.  Unless you are independently wealthy with a full-time nanny, not nursing and/or think you can stop time, your sleep schedule will be interrupted every 2-4 hours and your body will need to recover from the trauma.  The more sleep you get, the better chance of recovery from the hardship of labor and delivery, or cesarean.  Throw the youthful adage of "You can sleep when you're dead." out the window and try to achieve R.E.M at all costs.  If you're nursing or had a cesarean, this is especially important.

4. A Loved One Other Than The Father/Partner

If Daddy/Partner is there, great.  If he isn't, or can't be, ok.  If he's there and taking care of the older kids, holding your hand during labor, going back to the house to feed the pets, sending texts or emails to work, family members, the Facebook world, etc., well then he's got his hands full.  Whoever this caretaker is in your life that you rely on, this person is just as overwhelmed as you are. They are preparing for a new life while trying to maintain the status quo of the old one.  The cats, rats, turtles or dogs don't get fed by you while you are heave-hoing in labor; somebody's got to do it.  So give your partner some relief and appoint 1 or 2 people to come to the hospital to support you if/when your partner cannot be there.  Remember, it takes a village and these are your 'people.'  I don't recommend too many in the delivery room depending on space, but an extra hand in the waiting room can make all the difference.

5. Stool Softener

Having this in your hospital bag may be a genius foresight, especially if you are given any pain medications as they tend to stop you up.  It seems a dirty business, but whichever method you give birth, you don't want to have additional pains while trying to go #2 considering either your hoo-ha or your cesarean stitches are throbbing after your little one arrives.

All of these items are lightweight and small (#4 is negotiable considering they can carry themselves), so it's very low risk if you don't end up using them for one reason or another.  Did you have an item that saved you, enhanced your hospital stay ten-fold or made you swear you'd tell a friend it's a must-have? I'd like to know. You are the part of this village too.

Here are some additional items that I thought were fun and unique:

- Instant or film camera: both Fuji Instax and Lomography cameras are unique ways of capturing this wonderful event in your life

- Favorite (neck) pillow or stuffed animal: After you give birth, this may help in comforting you in your stiff hospital bed so you can sleep

- Thank you cards for the nurses: Doctors and Midwives are great but bringing a thank you card to write to the dedicated nurses of your maternity ward will make you hero of the day.  They (usually women) may have been in the profession for ages, rarely getting the credit they deserve for taking care of you while you're bringing a new life into this world, and taking care of your new, fragile baby.  Being a nurse can be a thankless job but you can make it thankful by sending them a note if your experience with them was up to your standards or beyond.  If you have an instant camera, then the photo of you and your baby will likely be put on their wall of fame at the nurses station!

There are many lists of recommended items that include: photo ID, snacks, cell phone charger with long extension cord, makeup, toothbrush, etc., so please seek out those essentials lists if you haven't already.

Bonne chance, ladies! Here's to happy healthy moms and babies!

Photo credits:
Mercy Health Hospital of St. Louis (delivery room)
net_efekt (notebook)
Rhett Sutphin (family in waiting room)
Sloan Poe (baby)

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tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/662617 2014-03-11T10:21:04Z 2017-09-02T22:55:07Z Is Holle Organic Baby Formula Better? Many American mothers and caregivers have chosen Holle, a Swiss organic infant formula brand because the US organic market falls short, pointing fingers at the FDA and weak organic certification standards. But who is Holle and why do Americans buy their infant formula from overseas instead US organic brands?

Who is Holle?

Holle is an 80 year old Swiss baby food company that operates in conjunction with a German production line.  They make formula, baby cereals and jarred baby food, which is their focus according to their site: http://holle.ch  
Their commercial (you can see the size of the boxes if you're curious to buy)

How do Holle Ingredients Stack Up?

First, let's start with what natural ingredients their formula *does* contain.  Their first ingredient listed is "skimmed milk", in which many other brands list oils, sugars and wheys. They list the milk as "from biodynamic farming (Demeter quality)".  What is Demeter quality?  What is biodynamic farming?

Demeter is a certified international farming standard with about 40 participating countries, like USDA organic standards but seemingly more strict, starting from processing all the way to packaging.  Biodynamic farming is an organic practice that is the root of Demeter certification that approaches organic farming in a holistic, sustainable way.  I could find only one other baby formula brand that has the Demeter quality milk which is BiobimLac 2 from http://www.joannusmolen.com so it doesn't look common that brands utilize this quality milk in their ingredients.

The second ingredient is organic whey which is typical in most formulas. These are both good signs of quality baby formula.

But does Holle pass the test of no-no ingredients?


  • While Holle does claim that it does not have an added sweetener (there's a logo stating it on their site), maltodextrin is in fact a plant based sweetener. Their commercial actually states "no refined sugars".
  • Palm oil is also controversial as it has been said to create "soaps" in the baby's gut and have an adverse reaction regarding bone mass **. That said, the ingredients list has palm oil listed alongside rapeseed and sunflower oil so it does not look like the exclusive oil used.
  • One item that isn't shown is copper sulfate, which Holle does have and is a known allergen for some.*

Their claims:

  • No GMOs
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No preservatives
  • No refined sugars
  • Egg and gluten free
  • Made from 99% organically grown ingredients
  • Organic starch and maltodextrin derived from corn
  • The remaining 1% of ingredients are vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your baby’s development and are required by EU regulations

The full ingredient list in Stage 1 Holle Baby Formula:

Skimmed milk** (Germany), whey powder* partly demineralised, vegetable oils* (palm oil*, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), maltodextrin*, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, vitamin C, vitamin E, ferrous lactate, zinc sulphate, niacin, Calcium-D-pantothenate, copper sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, potassium iodate, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, vitamin D

*from organic farming
**from biodynamic farming (Demeter quality)

Overall, the US baby formulas all have some sort of controversial ingredient so it seems the standout positive is the type of milk used.

Parent Testimonials of Holle Baby Formula

So is it worth the price?  Some parents with colicky babies have seen a difference based on the online reviews and swear by it.  Other parents feel that it is better quality overall considering the lax USDA organic standards compared to international or European as a rule.  Here are some comments from parents:

Note: These are taken from other retail sites and I have no affiliation with any of the reviewers

Where to Buy Holle Baby Formula

If you are convinced it's worth it, at present there are only a few online places to buy this for US delivery which can be found here.

Less Expensive Baby's Only

If you cannot afford the price, some parents recommend Babys Only Organic Formula made in the US that is non GMO. The label says it's a toddler formula but it meets all standards on infant formula (they promote breastfeeding up to one year).

* copper sulfate: http://www.inrfood.com/ingredients/1288
** Palm oil study summary (2004): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12728082

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tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/662587 2014-03-11T06:08:43Z 2018-01-13T13:39:34Z Organic Baby Formula - Holle Swiss Brand - Where to Buy

As much as some mothers would like to breast feed their babies, in many cases it is not possible or the need for supplemental milk is required.  Below is a summary of where to buy (at present) the most natural and highly rated infant formula Holle, a Swiss brand, and have it shipped to the US.  If you have information on where to buy this from other countries, please comment and I will update the post with your links and information. You can also visit the Holle website that lists current retailers by country.

>> For details and ingredients about Holle formula, see my other post here.

I will start out that these recommendations are researched, and not for the readily available organic, off-the-shelf brands like Earths Best, Walmart's Parent's Choice or Similac Organic.  There are reference articles and testimonials at the bottom of this post, so please educate yourselves as to what you are feeding your babies, if not to tell other mothers and caregivers what should *not* be in our infant formulas available in the US.

Where to buy Holle Infant and Toddler formula (2017):

Beyond Organic Baby

~$27 Includes free shipping, also does overnight shipping

Amazon seller


Biologisch24.com** (ships from Germany to worldwide)

  • Stage 1-4: ~$11-$16/box + shipping rate examples below (expensive!):
    • 1-2 boxes = $33-$37 shipping
    • 3-6 boxes = $41-$44 shipping
    • 7-8 boxes = $48 shipping
    • 10 boxes = $56 shipping
    • 20 boxes = $70 shipping

** Generally the reviews from this site are positive and shipping takes about 2-3 weeks to the US

Violey (ships from Germany to worldwide)

  • Stage 1: ~$10/box + $36 to US (up to 4 boxes/2 kg)
  • Stage 2-4: ~$14/box + $36 to US (up to 3 boxes/2kg)

Shipping rates: http://www.violey.com/en/shipping.html

Ebay sellers:

  • Seller superfooduk: Stage 1-2: $16-$19 a box + ~$33 shipping, 1-2 week delivery to US 
  • Other misc sellers: there are sellers that ship from US within one week and reasonable shipping costs, but the price of the box is higher


Here are some supporting articles that might help you understand the above choices:

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tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/616466 2013-11-06T15:34:10Z 2013-11-06T20:31:02Z Peppermint and Chamomile Tea

Late one night, as I was settling into my evening relaxation after a full day, I ventured to the tea cabinet to see what herbals we had in the cupboard.  We always have loose chamomile, but that didn't seem to be fitting for the moment, so I peeked on another shelf and saw one of Mini fLee's winter favorite, peppermint tea.  I didn't want to choose one and abandon the other, so I decided to brew them both in the same cup.  One loose, one bagged, mixing merrily.  Since I was both peckish and tired, I wasn't sure if I was just looking for comfort, or if they actually tasted good together.  It was delicious!

Months later, booltox stumbled upon a new tea brand (made in Chicago by Intelligentsia), and they had this tea blend.  They included rosehips, which I thought was a nice touch.

Since I can't drink all the tea I buy, I tend not to purchase loads, thus not going out to shop and focus on crazy blends (booltox has more time for this), I'm no connoisseur.  Have you tried this type of blend?  If not, would you?  And what other blends have you discovered on your own that would seem an odd pairing?  The world of tea is so vast, yet I am only a novice waiting to be molded.

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tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269079 2013-02-11T07:36:00Z 2015-01-31T20:10:47Z The Bones I Stack: Sneak of Venturesome Valentines Vol 2

A sneak preview of the upcoming "Venturesome Valentines: Volume 2", a follow up to VV Vol 1, available for free download. 

Love is fickle and times are hard in this continuation of poems that are not for the faint at heart, or for the faint who need solace that their lovers are not monsters, just not into the moment as they might be.

Download Venturesome Valentines: Vol 1+2 for free

VV: Vol 2 preview

Stay tuned for more previews and the full VV: Vol. 2 for Valentines Day!

Follow @QueenfLee

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tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269082 2013-01-14T15:29:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z Canada's Stealthy Secret: Bomb Girls

Bomb Girls. It's fun.  It's serious. It has a lot of red lipstick. It has the return of Meg Tilly.  Also a hot Italian man. A lesbian. Hairnets. Jazz. I could go on, but to be honest, I was hooked from the title and I'm not looking back.

Bomb Girls, now in its second season, is a 1940's drama of female bomb factory workers who fight for the cause as if they were soldiers in battle. At least that's what shift matron Lorna Corbett says. She watches over the women like a sweet catholic mother wound as tight as swaddled baby, only as Meg Tilly can do.  Lorna struggles with life's happiness, sons at war and guilt, all the while taking a whole factory of girls under her wing.  I did wonder where she finds the time to get involved in the girls' private lives and deal with job-related house calls along with cooking for her crippled war veteran husband, but I guess this fits her character.  I've always loved Meg Tilly so it's a treat to watch her, and in a role that suits Meg's generally wholesome lifestyle.


Admittedly, when I saw the first episode, I knew there was something unique about this show.  Sort of un-sparkly, but in a good, humanistic way.  I couldn't put my finger on it until someone said "soooorry", it hit me.  It's Canadian!  So this is what good costumes look like, non-hollywood leads (not counting Meg Tilly who hasn't been seen on the screen for almost 20 years), and sets that are styled realistically instead of over the top?  Without the LA sparkle, it makes Bomb Girls a more genuine show to me.  Many of the working girl dresses are muted as many 1940's dresses were. Even the rich girls outfit, well-placed in her father's mansion, look new yet authentic, instead of in-your-face showy.  This is not to say she doesn't pull out the fox fur or big hat, it just makes it more humanistic instead of tricking the audience by showing caricatures of an era, rather than the era itself.

If you've never seen it before, here's an intro to the main characters which should get you booted up to watch the series:

  • Meg Tilly as Lorna Corbett, Shift Matron at Victory Munitions
  • Jodi Balfour as Gladys Witham, priveliged daughter of a rich grocery store chain
  • Charlotte Hegele as Kate (a.k.a Marion) Andrews, Preacher's daughter escaping his abuse
  • Ali Liebert as Betty McRae, working girl who lives in the same boarding house as Kate
  • Antonio Cupo as Marco Moretti, Italian-Canadian working at Victory Munitions
  • Sebastian Pigott as James Dunn, fiancé of Gladys
  • Anastasia Phillips as Vera, working girl at Victory Munitions
  • Peter Outerbridge as Bob Corbett, Lorna's crippled veteran husband

I do love this show, but it's not without it's flaws.  At first, I was annoyed with the fiancé James but I don't think he was given a good opening scene.  He's slowly becoming one of the most believable characters as the war progresses.  Gladys has something about her speech that seems off, until I found out she's played by a South African actress.  It was the intonations or more proper english pronounciations that could lend to the character's upper crust status, but then I realized it was too much on the snooty side.  I'm hoping as the series matures, Jodi Balfor softens her speech a bit more.  Her mother, who we almost never see in the promo videos, does snooty and rich in such a perfect way. Kate Hennig is Adele Witham, who delivers her character's rapture like she was born with millions. While she's not a trophy wife, she works her pin curls, pale eyes and red lipstick with evil charm. My eyes are on her whenever she is in a scene. I don't know what else she's been in, but I want to see more of her.

For the ladies who like ladies out there, we have Betty McRae. I'm sure has already been tumblred to high heaven with girl on girl animated gifs.  Good for Ali Liebert who plays her character in such a way it's almost as if she's the girl in school you knew was gay and fine with it, so much so that you never thought of it as anything abnormal.  She's got the friendly sneer, the swagger and the tomboy qualities that may be a bit stereotypical, but it's endearing.  We know she's struggling with her sexuality which seems only to scratch the surface, so I wonder if we will get to see more of her challenges in preferring women over men.  She's definitely a likable character so lets hope the writers take it further.  She also seems to be the literal poster girl for the show, as you see her flexing her muscles in a "Rosie the Riveter" pose in many promo shots.

As for a leading man, there's pretty tasty eye candy, as Antonio a.k.a. Marco delivers another complicated character in series.  Men who weren't in uniform were frowned upon, considering there were over 1 million people enlisted in Canada's armed forces for World War 2, which was 1/10th the population.  Initially he's the stereotypical Italian character; cocky, forward with the ladies and jokey.  While I know the writers had to set up the series for some intrigue, it disappointed me.  Later Marco shows more depth, which is great, but then what happened to his happy-go-lucky attitude? He'd been working the factory for a while so the turn of events don't seem to justify a complete shift in nature. His buddy Archie, played by Billy MacLellan, seems to follow through with his crass ways even when put in the hospital.  Archie wouldn't have looked as good in a cupid outfit as Marco, but that's me being biased.

Overall there are a few inexperienced players and although she has the face and the voice for her character, Charlotte Hegele as Kate doesn't cut it for me.  I want her to improve but as her character grows, I see her overacting in a new and annoying way.  She's frightened and demure as an abused child at first, then demands to see a man who wants a "favor" in an exchange for some legal papers.  When she meets up with her father again and starts street preaching, she's full-force "down with sin and the devil" like she hadn't ever run away.  There's no struggle for her character at those moments except for what's in the script, and it's a very shallow reading.  Somebody make this woman act better! She's clearly talented and beautiful but can't deliver the angst this character deserves.

Overall, lots of great acting, sets, storyline, and lots of potential for this series.  I will enjoy the ride however soap opera-y it gets and will probably re-watch this because it's lively and inspiring.  There's a great foundation to take this through so many more complexities. I'm hoping it will continue and mature as historical as possible, following the ladies when the soldiers come home and their jobs are taken away.  It sounds depressing but I think it's a natural progression of the feminist fight and shows how our grandmothers paved the way for the 60's women's movement.

Where to Watch

Canada: full episodes on Gobal TV

: http://www.globaltv.com/bombgirls/video/full+episodes/the+quickening/video.ht...+episodes (in Canada only)


Reelz channel: 

  • Dish Network channel 299 
  • Direct TV channel 238
  • Verizon 233

Or put in your zip code on this page: http://www.reelz.com/bombgirls/

    UK: ITV3 Saturdays at 10pm

    DVD?:  It was released on DVD in Canada last October (2012), but it appears to be sold out! I saw only 2 ebay listings of an "official Dutch release" of $40+ but I can't imagine that's trustworthy.  Hopefully they will make it easier to find and watch besides torrents and unofficial streaming.

    Bomb Girls in Social Media

    Twitter: @BombGirls  hash #bombgirls

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BombGirls


    Meg Tilly (Lorna): @meggamonstah

    Ali Leibert (Betty): @AliLiebert, https://www.facebook.com/AliLiebertPage  

    Jodi Balfour (Gladys): @JodiAnneBalfour

    Charlotte Hegele (Kate): @charlottehegele

    Antonio Cupo (Marco): @antoniocupo, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Antonio-Cupo



    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269083 2012-11-18T14:16:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z 3 Simple Recipes for Greener Cleaning

    I've been trying to, over the years, remove harsh chemicals out of my house for the green principal, but also because I have a kid and a ton of pets that would appreciate the concern for their health, if only animals could talk.

    The simplest question overall is and should be, "Why would I want to put this hazardous shite in my body?"  And being the head of household, my health and being able to work is crucial to protecting my family and my furry, feathery, and fishie friends. Plus I do most of the shopping.

    So what to do? Research. And what do you do with your findings? Buy or make the less hazardous, more natural alternative cleaners, personal hygiene and home improvement products. Then what? Pass it on!

    We as women who make our lives more green, choose to take a stand against the homemaker stereotype of buying whatever has the best commercial or coupon, and show our purchase power to the Proctor & Gambles of the world.  Purchase power is just that, power. And the big companies listen when their sales are down, so lets see where this knowledge of going green takes us and hopefully we will find it improves our own healthy habits, while giving less money to corporations who are already rich. 

    Here are a few notes from my research that you can find simple and inexpensive alternatives to:

    1. GLASS CLEANERS: We all love spotless, no-streak glass and mirrors but something called Butyl Cellosolve is a synthetic solvent and is a known neurotoxin (can cause brain damage), can also cause eye, nose, throat and lung tissue irritation. Bottom line: It's a shitty chemical that we can easily replace with this simple, NATURAL GLASS CLEANER RECIPE:

    - 1 part vinegar
    - 2 parts water

    Easy enough, right? Just make sure to buy a vat of vinegar because it can be used for a ton of other cleaning tasks.

    2. OVEN & DRAIN CLEANERS:  Also known as lye or Sodium Hydroxide, it is a toxic chemical and...well, there's not much more I feel the need to say except THIS SHIT IS TOXIC!  There's a reason why it will melt the 4 year old crust of food and oil that's caked inside your oven, because it will also melt your cat.  But seriously, it has been known to blind animals with minimal exposure.

    OVEN CLEANER RECIPE: Create a paste with these ingredients, slather on and leave overnight. Wipe with damp cloth.

    - 3/4 cup of baking soda
    - 1/4 cup of salt
    - 1/4 cup of water

    3. ANTI-BACTERIAL LOTIONS are for suckers:  These purse-sized squeezie bottles of clear goo contain pesticides that may be contributing to the rise in bacteria that is resistant to our general hygiene practices. What was wrong with soap and water anyway? Nothing. I guess the big corps have been praying on our fear of germs.  So what's the anti-bacterial alternative?

    SOAP & WATER.  Avoid using anything else for washing your hands unless you are stuck in an area without clean water like a camping trip. In the far future we will be able to eradicate bacteria with a laser gun, but for now stick to the tried and true.

    - SLSF/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate: found in body washes, shampoos, is toxic to humans & is a suspected carcinogen
    - DEA & TEA: Diethananolamines & Triethanolamines are a) synthetic, b) carcinogenic, c) skin & eye irritants and d) are slow to biodegrade. Found in cleaners, dish washing liquids detergents, stain removers and other hygiene products.
    - FRAGRANCE: Causes allergic reactions and irritation, plus companies in the US don't have to say what's in the "fragrance" ingredients, making it suspicious and unpredictable. Found in pretty much every kind of household product, but mostly I see these in cheap shampoos, body washes and pretty much every product in Bath & Bodyworks.

    These practices take effort to change, so if you don't have the time to stand and read labels in the store like all the slow-pokes at Whole Foods, then you might want to start with getting the no frills, they-are-what-they-are products at the store.

    Your shopping list of natural ingredients for green cleaning:
    - Baking soda
    - White vinegar
    - Tea tree oil and/or lavender oil
    - Borax
    - Castile soap (ex: Dr. Bronner's)

    So if you or a friend uses some products that have the chemicals I mentioned, yet feel "just fine" then please think about all the stuff you/they pour down the drain and gets into your recycled water.  Because when you go to a restaurant, fast food place or the mall, they are not using fancy filtered water for their ice cube machine, they are using whatever comes through the faucet. So the more we use these products, the more it gets into our water, soil and our air, making an unpredictable combination of who-knows-what-chemicals that ends up in our food.  Just saying.

    Hopefully you're reading this because you want to find out how to be more green and healthy so kudos to you. This is by no means a complete list, it only scratches the surface so I encourage you to research more as you uncover these, and I expect to see a gallon of vinegar under your sink by weeks end ;)]]>
    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269084 2012-11-09T19:32:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z It's a Peter Pan sort of day

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269089 2012-09-29T19:00:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z FREE Absomuffinlutely STICKER SALE ! 1 week only

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    Shipping, Payment and Refund Policies

    *Max stickers = 5 per person/order. Any order over 5 will be rejected.

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269092 2012-09-21T03:19:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z FIRST CHICKIE EGG! And yes, it's a little green.

    OMG! Our first chickie egg has been laid!!!  Was it Diamond Sparkle Rainbow Gold, Yolkahontas or maybe Repecca who laid it?  We have a clue, because its pale GREEN!

    How do we know? Because certain chicken breeds lay different color eggs.  Let's revisit our breeds:


    Americaunas/Easter Eggers: "Diamond", "Repecca", "Rosetta"

    Feathers: Reddish brown, grayish, some patterned yellow and blackish (varies greatly)

    Feet: Blue/Gray/Green

    Egg color: pale blue or green



    Golden Laced Wyandotte: "Yolkahontas"

    Egg color: brown

    Feathers: Black laced with brownish red (golden)

    Feet: yellow



    More eggs to come! Backyard chickens are the best!


    All photos by Queen fLee
    Graphic Letter O from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269104 2012-09-19T04:41:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z Mini fLee demo song - Sky So Bright

    Most of the time Mini fLee is deferring her bedtime with crafts, Star Trek discussions or wish lists of what toys she wants for the next 8 birthdays and Christmases. We do our best to hypnotise her to sleep but with the Chicago Teacher strike and kids being out of school for a week and a half, its been a tough sell to convince to pass out on command.

    During this "I'm-not-tired-but-its-time-to-go-to-bed" burst of energy, I've seen her create whole villages from sculpty clay, elaborate traps for the chickens with duct tape and yarn, and my favorite, a fairy catcher game you can see on her Tumblr.

    Tonight, it was, "Momma, I'm going to play the guitar."  Ok. Since I failed at learning it properly, she might as well have a go at it. She began to strum and sing, so I took out my iPhone (because there's an app for that) and started recording.  While it's too much to edit down right now for a complete melody of planetary hymns about Uranus, craters and volcanos, I'll give you a sample of her warm up intro, " Sky So Bright". 

    Hope you enjoy it, and I hope I'll have some time to edit the 30 minutes of original happy music making of this very creative first grader.

    If you want to listen to more of her silliness, there's always her rant on Mario Galaxy. It's a cute bit of insight to her effervescence, and a sense of innocence I long to keep in my heart forever.



    Audio recording by Queen fLee, performance by Mini fLee
    Graphic Letter M from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269112 2012-09-15T02:11:00Z 2014-01-06T18:49:11Z Me and my pink muppet

    She laughed so hard she cried.

    Photo by Amy Rubin
    Graphic Letter S from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische]]>
    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269128 2012-08-26T21:13:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:33Z Nature Walk Photos

    Just a few steps from where I stayed in the Puget Sound (near Seattle, Washington), there was a quaint nature trail that had many surprises for this prarie-raised girl.  From mosses to magical trees, wild blackberries, an abandoned barn, a community garden and even slugs!  The Banana Slug is native to this area and can be found nowhere else but in this corner of the world.  Slimy but cool. Did you know that holly leaves are unbelievably shiny?


    Here is a batch of photos I captured on my iPhone 4.




    All photos by Queen fLee

    Graphic Letter J from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269139 2012-08-26T06:38:08Z 2013-10-08T16:18:33Z Sometimes you just feel judged

    Sitting down for late night Mexican food and this tarot card is on the table, laminated under mi codo]]>
    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269147 2012-08-21T19:31:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:33Z Barnacles are Cute

    Up close and personal with baby barnacles. "Hey, there are little snails in there."

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269151 2012-08-20T14:52:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:33Z Oh Deer!

    Bambi's 3rd cousin has a bit of lunch while we gawk at her.  Cute, eh?  I think she looks like a lazy kangaroo.  Can't even stand on 2 legs. Psssshhhh.

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269167 2012-08-20T04:30:26Z 2013-10-08T16:18:33Z Cloud sandwich! And I'm the middle

    Clouds above, clouds below. Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park Washington, USA]]>
    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269179 2012-08-14T19:13:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:33Z The Origin of Smurfette

    Many of those who grew up with the Smurfs cartoon on Saturday mornings in the 1980's (US) may have been too young and innocent to understand the implicit gender stereotype of how Smurfette came to be a citizen of the Smurf village. She is the only female Smurf in the entire blue species, and so popular that a "trope" is named after her in tv storyline philosophy (See "The Smurfette Principal"). But why is she so popular? Is it her blonde hair? Her feminine qualities? One thing is for sure, She is no Uhura. And far from it.


    Popularity may be easy to define, as she looks like a blue-skinned version of Barbie (only stumpier).  But how did she come about?  Wasn't she just written in as a staple member of the original Smurf village? I was too young to remember, so I did some research.

    Let us start from the beginning when there were no female Smurfs and Gargamel has already been introduced as the main antagonist.  The storyline is that Garagamel creates Smurfette to get revenge on the Smurfs.  He states, "And my vengenge will be TERRIBLE!!"  After brainstorming (outloud to Asriel) about setting fire or possibly casting a spell for the vegetation to die, he doesn't think that's enough.  He wants, "...A fearsome spell that makes them beg for mercy!! A horrible curse..." [reference: 2011 english translation comic]

    After deciding to send them a "smurfette", he puts a doll together with clay, pearls for teeth, sapphires for eyes, blue paint, some rags for clothing:

    After he finds the recipe, he recites it conveniently for the audience:

    As a recap, here is the "recipe" for a smurfette as recited by Gargamel:

    A solid layer of NON-OBJECTIVITY….
    three crocodile tears…
    A BIRD brain…
    powder of a VIPER'S TONGUE
    a carat of SNEAKINESS….
    a handful of ANGER…
    a dash of LYING tissue.
    TRANSPARENT of course…
    a bushel of GREEDINESS…
    a quart of BAD FAITH…
    one thimbleful of RECKLESSNESS….
    a stroke of pride
    pint of ENVY….
    some zest of sensitivity…
    a bit of FOOLISHNESS and 
    a bit of CUNNING…
    lots of VOLATILITY and
    lots of OBSTINANCY…
    a candle burned at both ends.

    -(written by Peyo and Yvan Delporte, 1967, translated for english 2011)

    WHOAH horsie! What did he just say? After reading this, my feminist blood cells began to boil and my childhood was no longer deemed "innocent". Sounds of shattered glass filled my head and the memories of jumping over a mushroom in the Colecovision video game were tainted.  No wonder your character died when you bumped into it. It was POISON!

    This is all on heels of my daughers obsession with the Smurfs after her daddy bought her the figurines (long before the movie came out).  Then the comics in english published in 2011, then the live action/animated movie in July 2011.  Suffice to say she is hooked at the moment.  She painted her Smurf mushroom house pink and even made Mommy sew a pink felt dress for her Smurfette figurine.  How do you backpedal with a modern 5 year old who LOVES the blonde haired character, when she herself is a brunette? But even more problematic, when this character is a CURSE?

    I tried to rationalize it over and over, but could not come up with an excuse.  First, lets see what the young minds witnessed on televison 30 years ago in the animated version:

    If that's not enough, the outcome is soooo stereotypical, it makes you gag.  Take a look at the Gargamel version ("before") and the Papa Smurf makeover version ("after").

    Grrrrrrr.  Uggh.  So many sounds come out of my gut when I visualize the big picture.  But what do the grown ups do about it?  Good question, because it seems there has been much activity over the last 30+ years, including a scholar who criticises it's cultural significance.  Recently, some have even tried to bring the 2011 Smurfs movie down by campaigning negative reviews on a popular movie review site (rottentomatoes.com). Salon.com has 3 theories, my favorite being:

    [It's a] Perfect opportunity for "Smurf" conspiracy theorists to come out of the woodwork: There really are people out there who truly believe the Smurfs are composed of Klan members. Or Marxists. Or Fascists. Or women-haters.

    Apparently this mass criticism has been a long time coming, considering the original Belgian/French comic books were first published in the 1960's by Peyo.  So my friends, it seems as bitter tasting as the "recipe for Smurfette" is, this village of blue beings were scrutinized for many things, aside from being "woman haters".

    What do we learn from this? How can we change this?  I challenge you to seek out, and create powerful, smart female characters in all forms of media.  Books, video games, comics, movies, even a short poem.  Tell us who your inspirations are and why, so we can pass these examples on to our sons, daughters, our peers. Maybe we can even teach something to our parents.

    If you aren't a creator, critique, dissect and inform your peers of the hurtful influence these gender-stereotyped, weak, less-than-equal female caricatures are to their male counterparts.  Use your social networking skills to shine a light on the dark side of corporations making money off of women by pigeon-holing their intelligence and sheepishness. Stand up and help the younger generations see that you do not accept such BULLSHITE.

    While you can girlcott or passively dismiss the Smurfs and their only female character, there is more power in creating a bigger, better, more popular female character(s) as a diversion that positively influences. 

    Create, critique, communicate. Make a difference, don't delay. LIFT THE CURSE.

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269188 2012-08-05T02:02:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:34Z Homemade crispy Kale chips

    Kale is a kickass superfood. It's bitterness is sometimes a retractor but by adding some olive oil, salt and baking it in the oven for 400 degrees F / 200 C for 6-8 minutes, you get a healthy, delicious, crunchy, non-bitter snack! Great for kids too.


    Pictured is a tray of "baby kale" but any type of kale will do.

    Photo by Queen fLee
    Graphic Letter K from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269201 2012-07-23T05:14:53Z 2013-10-08T16:18:34Z She's awake!

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269208 2012-07-20T22:59:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:34Z And that's why you don't rely on Facebook...

    Today is not my birthday.

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269221 2012-07-14T20:10:45Z 2013-10-08T16:18:34Z How cool is this?

    ...for Mini's lunch! $1.99 at World Market. Fill up with soy sauce & bring it for a to-go lunch or picnic. Includes 3 refillable fish & a miniature funnel.]]>
    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269222 2012-07-14T04:16:58Z 2013-10-08T16:18:34Z Lookie! I met Captain Maggots cousins! Nancy Pants & Squirtus Maximus!

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269087 2012-07-12T08:25:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z This is what I think of Wiki tables

    But especially excel to Wiki: http://excel2wiki.net/

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269094 2012-07-07T16:39:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z Quail Eggs & Toast for Breakie

    Quail eggs are tiny, adorable speckled eggs that are perfectly edible. They taste like chicken eggs so only the shell and the size seem foreign. I bought a 1/2 dozen at the Chinatown grocery store in Chicago for $2 out of curiosity.

    Hard boiled quail egg recipe:

    - fill a shallow saucepan with water to cover the eggs
    - gently place the quail eggs in the water
    - turn the heat to high and bring to a boil
    - as soon as the water is boiling, turn off the heat and let the eggs sit for 5 minutes
    - drain hot water and soak in cold water for a few minutes
    - peel & enjoy!

    Photo by Queen fLee
    Graphic Letter Q from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269096 2012-07-03T21:41:25Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z Guess this pretty plant...

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269101 2012-07-03T00:49:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z Random Chicken Facts

    Ifind it cute that chickens....



    a) cuddle

    b) fight over each others discarded feathers like its a prized worm and

    c) put themselves to bed every night at dusk

    Pictured: Yolkohontas (black & gold), Rosetta (grayish cuddler), Repecca

    Photo by Queen fLee
    Graphic Letter I from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische

    Queen fLee
    tag:queenflee.com,2013:Post/269105 2012-06-25T15:26:00Z 2013-10-08T16:18:32Z My Cuppow.com lid makes it's debut on the CTA

    The Cuppow lid makes a wide-mouth canning jar (Mason, Ball, Kerr) into a to-go cup / travel mug for your coffee, tea or favorite beverage. Mini likes to drink her milk out of one. Mine is outfitted with a standard coffee sleeve for hot drinks, extended with some packing tape.

    Wide-mouth canning jars: ~$10 for 12 jars

    Cuppow.com lid: $7.99

    Queen fLee