Beautiful Ivory Mystery Snail

These ivory mystery snails are going into the tank with Pinky, our African Clawed Frog to help control the algae. Aren't they gorgeous creatures? The one on the left came out to say hello. We also purchased a Plecostomus at the recommendation of MuseWish, but they don't photograph as well.
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fair warning your tank is going to be overrun soon. i had a mystery snail have babies. day one i found three. day two i found eight. day three i found over twenty and by day four there were far too many to count. they are extremely prolific.
Good to know! Their tank mate is Pinky , who is a scavenger will likely eat some of them. She's already tried to jump up and get the eggs. We can always put them in the other tank with the fish to help the algae and/or give them away on Craigslist. We'll see.
New to snails! Love them!