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Flee, do you have gypsy roots? Just curious.
What makes you think so?
Something about your eyes. Especially this pic. You remind me of my cousin, Layla.
And when I say gypsy, I mean it in a good way. I heard they don't have the best reputation in the U.S.
I don't believe gypsies (traveling people) have any particular look in the US. Not like the Bohemians (Romanian I think) in Europe. Maybe you see my mother's side? Native American and Italian.
Yeah, my grandma was a european gypsy. Maybe that's it. Italian eyes. :)
I always believed my grandma was from romania, since they also spoke a coded language called 'manisch.' But it's some weird secret dialect that is formed from different parts of germany. My bubble was busted LOL. But I found out through some studies, that gyspies originated from India, and since their outfits were so colorful and fancy, on their travels they got mistaken for Egyptians, so people just started saying, look the gyptians/gypies are coming. That on the other hand made me smile again.