The Bones I Stack: Sneak of Venturesome Valentines Vol 2

A sneak preview of the upcoming "Venturesome Valentines: Volume 2", a follow up to VV Vol 1, available for free download. 

Love is fickle and times are hard in this continuation of poems that are not for the faint at heart, or for the faint who need solace that their lovers are not monsters, just not into the moment as they might be.

Download Venturesome Valentines: Vol 1+2 for free

VV: Vol 2 preview

Stay tuned for more previews and the full VV: Vol. 2 for Valentines Day!

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A few instant photos from the FLAG Chicago show

I had posted a few videos from the 2012 FLAG show in Chicago at the House of Blues (Captian Maggots crowd surf and Veronica calls Beautrix a Harlot)


taken with my iPhone but here are a few shots taken with my Fuji Instax, similar to a Polaroid camera, outputting instant film.

And after the show we had a lovely nosh with Countess Tuscany (+ hubby), MuseWish and Master James.



Photo 1 by Queen fLee

Photo 2 by Master James

Photo 3 by Queen fLee

Graphic Letter A from Drop Cap series by Jessica Hische

Handmade Emilie Autumn Button?

I was unpacking from a recent trip and found this button buried in my suitcase, possibly from years ago.  I honestly don't remember when I received it, but it's handmade by EA and given to me by her.  She's in Australia right now so it's too much trouble to bother.  Maybe someone has a similar one and can jog my memory where it came from? Anyone?

It's about 4 inches in diameter, made of plastic on the outside and has EA's signature on the back. 

Merch: Absomuffinlutely! vinyl sticker


Pin this Absomuffinlutely sticker

This 6" x 2" vinyl sticker is perfectly sized to subtly show your allegiance to stripes.  Adorn your favorite journal, your derby helmet or the public restroom. Customize these with doodles: stripes, rats, leeches...whatever your broken heart desires. Buy several to give them to your friends!  Purchasing multiple will also save on shipping costs.  

Size: 6 inches x 2 inch  (15 cm x 5 cm) These are NOT bumper sticker size, but are big enough to be legible on your bumper from a close distance (see above photo).

Material: laminated vinyl, very durable so can stand both outdoors and indoors on just about any surface such as windows, steel, wood, etc.

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