The Bones I Stack: Sneak of Venturesome Valentines Vol 2

A sneak preview of the upcoming "Venturesome Valentines: Volume 2", a follow up to VV Vol 1, available for free download. 

Love is fickle and times are hard in this continuation of poems that are not for the faint at heart, or for the faint who need solace that their lovers are not monsters, just not into the moment as they might be.

Download Venturesome Valentines: Vol 1+2 for free

VV: Vol 2 preview

Stay tuned for more previews and the full VV: Vol. 2 for Valentines Day!

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Venturesome Valentines Vol. 1 + 2 - mini zines

Free Download   |   PDF Format   |   DIY Zine - Printer Needed

Queen fLee's first set of published mini-poetry in a mini-zine format for you to fold, cut and assemble yourself (3 min assembly time).  Venturesome Valentines - Volume 1 + 2 are a playful jaunt through the indifference, pessimism and the imbalance in matters of the heart.  Short, but not sweet, these are sure to leave you wanting Volume 3 in short order. Rumor has it there are boxes full of broken hearts in her closet. 

Venturesome Valentines - Volume 1 + 2 is available in a 2-page pdf format, and it is recommended that you have a printer, paper and scissors to construct this mini 8-page zine.


1. Download the zip file and unpack/extract it

2. Print the 2-page pdf

3. Fold and cut each page of the pdf as seen in this video here:

Source: Digital Artist Daily

To give you a bird's eye view of how this was created, take a look at the layout below:

© Kea


Interested in doing your own zine? Just use a standard sheet of paper and divide it in 8 folds and follow the layout above.  Share your zine with others by scanning it and making it available for download.