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Save on shipping! Add some Glittery Pine Cones or Striped Cupcake Liners to your order!

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Venturesome Valentines Vol. 1 + 2 - mini zines

Free Download   |   PDF Format   |   DIY Zine - Printer Needed

Queen fLee's first set of published mini-poetry in a mini-zine format for you to fold, cut and assemble yourself (3 min assembly time).  Venturesome Valentines - Volume 1 + 2 are a playful jaunt through the indifference, pessimism and the imbalance in matters of the heart.  Short, but not sweet, these are sure to leave you wanting Volume 3 in short order. Rumor has it there are boxes full of broken hearts in her closet. 

Venturesome Valentines - Volume 1 + 2 is available in a 2-page pdf format, and it is recommended that you have a printer, paper and scissors to construct this mini 8-page zine.


1. Download the zip file and unpack/extract it

2. Print the 2-page pdf

3. Fold and cut each page of the pdf as seen in this video here:

Source: Digital Artist Daily

To give you a bird's eye view of how this was created, take a look at the layout below:

© Kea


Interested in doing your own zine? Just use a standard sheet of paper and divide it in 8 folds and follow the layout above.  Share your zine with others by scanning it and making it available for download.

Merch: Glittery Pine Cone Ornaments

Pin these Glittery Pine Cones to your Pinterest  


starting at $2.50 USD   |   €1.80 EUR (approx)   |    £1.60 GBP (approx)

**Limited quantity** Hand-painted, hand-glittered, washed and baked dried, these sparkly versions of Mother Nature's perfection are wonderful for holiday trimming.  Add them to your tree, a wreath collage, give as a gift or add them to a basket in table top decor.  The blue and pink hues never go out of season. Mix them up or go monochrome with several of one color. Custom options:

Bottom: [Ornament Hanger] (+0.50) An eyelet hanger added, ornament style to hang on your tree upside down like it would in nature. Add your favorite ribbon.  OR [Plain] Allows the pine cone to rest on it's flat base, for a wreath embelishment or coffee table decor

    Color: [Suzanna Blue] The shade of fLee's hair, royal / mailbox blue OR [Mini fLee Fuscia] Mini's favorite color, a fuscia pink, in glittery form. NEW COLOR: [Book reading Blue] Suzanna's ice blue shade during the Emilie Autumn Book reading in Chicago.

      Size: [Medium] (+$1) Relative size is 3" tall x 2" wide base, metric 7.5 cm x 5 cm (recommended) OR [Small] Relative size is 2" tall x 1.5" wide base, metric 5 cm x 3.75

        Color: Suzanna Blue Mini fLee Fuscia Book reading Blue (Ice)

        Bottom: Ornament Hanger Plain

        Size: Medium Small

        All fLeesmarket Glitter Pine Cones come packed in zipped plastic to catch excess glitter that may shed from shipping. Each pine cone is unique and exact shapes may vary.

        Handmade Emilie Autumn Button?

        I was unpacking from a recent trip and found this button buried in my suitcase, possibly from years ago.  I honestly don't remember when I received it, but it's handmade by EA and given to me by her.  She's in Australia right now so it's too much trouble to bother.  Maybe someone has a similar one and can jog my memory where it came from? Anyone?

        It's about 4 inches in diameter, made of plastic on the outside and has EA's signature on the back. 

        Merch: Payment, Shipping + Refund Policies

        Shipping: All products shipped United States Postal Service 1st Class, unless arranged otherwise. There is no tracking on orders under $20. US/Canadian shipping is estimated at one week, depending on location and actual date of order. International 2 weeks or more, depending on your country's customs and postal services. If needed by a specific date, please note this in the order and additional shipping costs can be charged separately to accomdate your deadline. 

        What countries do we ship to? Pretty much all countries, but if you don't see yours in our shopping cart list, email us, or twat Queen fLee and she can add it real quick like. We'd hate for you to miss out on our special stuff, no matter what corner of the world you live in!

        Payment: Paypal and Google Checkout accepted.  Currency converts when you check out.  It will charge your account immediately and show up as 'fLeesmarket' on your bank/credit card statement 

        Refunds/Exchanges: Striped Cupcake Liners: Due to health concerns, these items cannot be returned once they've been shipped out.  If there are issues with the product, please contact us.

        Other products: Contact us at the email below if you have concerns about your order.

        QUESTIONS?  First read above.  You can add a comment for a basic question or email

        Merch: Absomuffinlutely! vinyl sticker

        -----PURCHASE ON EBAY-----

        Pin this Absomuffinlutely sticker

        This 6" x 2" vinyl sticker is perfectly sized to subtly show your allegiance to stripes.  Adorn your favorite journal, your derby helmet or the public restroom. Customize these with doodles: stripes, rats, leeches...whatever your broken heart desires. Buy several to give them to your friends!  Purchasing multiple will also save on shipping costs.  

        Size: 6 inches x 2 inch  (15 cm x 5 cm) These are NOT bumper sticker size, but are big enough to be legible on your bumper from a close distance (see above photo).

        Material: laminated vinyl, very durable so can stand both outdoors and indoors on just about any surface such as windows, steel, wood, etc.

        Purchase on Ebay