Craft Challenge! White Feather Christmas Tree

So I found this walking home, clearly a mismatched or broken piece of a much larger tree. Tossing this just before the winter holiday is the right thing to do as many crafters buy supplies and try to find that unique decoration to outdo last years. I frequently work with found objects such as my glitter pine cone ornaments project and this piece I could not pass up. It's soft and angel white, the branches bend like wires and it's pretty damn festive, don't you think?

So what to do with it? I haven't had more than 20 minutes to think about yet but I have a feeling some of you might have some great ideas. Yes?

model: @booltox

Nov 30th Update: I have disassembled the "branches" and below is what I have so far.  Here are some of the ideas submitted. I call it "craftsourcing" 

@: Angel wings

@: "pot it" than make some special silver sparkle cones, OR you could sprinkle glittler on it and use multicolor lights

@backing for an angel on the top of the tree, cut the wires & put them in your normal tree

@: shape the limbs into some form of twirling sculpture, like a snow drift or steam from hot cocoa spiraling upwards to a star

@: in a hat!

All fantastic ideas! Anymore, now that you see more of what we can work with?

Merch: Glittery Pine Cone Ornaments

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starting at $2.50 USD   |   €1.80 EUR (approx)   |    £1.60 GBP (approx)

**Limited quantity** Hand-painted, hand-glittered, washed and baked dried, these sparkly versions of Mother Nature's perfection are wonderful for holiday trimming.  Add them to your tree, a wreath collage, give as a gift or add them to a basket in table top decor.  The blue and pink hues never go out of season. Mix them up or go monochrome with several of one color. Custom options:

Bottom: [Ornament Hanger] (+0.50) An eyelet hanger added, ornament style to hang on your tree upside down like it would in nature. Add your favorite ribbon.  OR [Plain] Allows the pine cone to rest on it's flat base, for a wreath embelishment or coffee table decor

    Color: [Suzanna Blue] The shade of fLee's hair, royal / mailbox blue OR [Mini fLee Fuscia] Mini's favorite color, a fuscia pink, in glittery form. NEW COLOR: [Book reading Blue] Suzanna's ice blue shade during the Emilie Autumn Book reading in Chicago.

      Size: [Medium] (+$1) Relative size is 3" tall x 2" wide base, metric 7.5 cm x 5 cm (recommended) OR [Small] Relative size is 2" tall x 1.5" wide base, metric 5 cm x 3.75

        Color: Suzanna Blue Mini fLee Fuscia Book reading Blue (Ice)

        Bottom: Ornament Hanger Plain

        Size: Medium Small

        All fLeesmarket Glitter Pine Cones come packed in zipped plastic to catch excess glitter that may shed from shipping. Each pine cone is unique and exact shapes may vary.