She's Crafty: Mini Striped Baking Cup Hats w/ Mini fLee

I swear I had not a thing to do with this as I am hand counting black and white striped cupcake liners* for orders, but my little Mini is a crafty one.  She has the instinct to grab her (safety) scissors and tape, take the flattened baking cup I ironed (for the product photo shoot) and put one cup, upside down, directly on top of the flat one.  I didn't realize what she was doing until she taped it together and placed it upon her head with pride. "Look Mamma! A hat!"

Of course, the proud Striped Stocking Society mother that I am, I beam with joy and race for the camera.  She wouldn't sit still very long but I was able to get these photos of my kindergartner's creation. Below are photos of the hat on her, as well as her most precious sleeping partner (she higs it at night like a stuffed animal); the 10 inch Tyrannosaurus Rex named Sue**. 

Behold the Baking Cup Mini Hat....  Party favors anyone?